Phulera Dooj is a wonderful celebration of the colourful season we are in – spring time. Phulera means ‘’of flowers’’. Falling between Vasant Panchami and Holi, this festival is mostly celebrated in the North and especially in Krishna temples around Mathura, Vrindavan and the Braj region. Temples are lavishly decorated and at home, idols and pictures of Krishna are also adorned with a variety of colourful flowers. Then, just like Holi, people playfully throw flowers at each other.

In some temples, Lord Krishna is dressed in white and a little bit of gulal is applied on His cheeks or part of his clothing to indicate that Krishna is preparing for Holi. Krishna temples are always overflowing on this day. People come to offer sweets made from poha and other delicacies. They also organize bhajans, musical programmes and satsangs on this day. One of the best ways to celebrate the festival is to contemplate on Lord Krishna as a young boy, playing boisterously with his cowherd friends in a forest in full bloom. This day is believed to be so auspicious that there are no inauspicious times in it and it is recommended that any new venture begin on this day

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